Copia Consulting
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About Copia

Copia Consulting LLC was established in 2002 by founding partners Angela Luck and Rachel Howell, and is a woman-owned, certified Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) in Austin, Texas.

In our early years, Copia focused on working with non-profit and public organizations to enhance the continuum of social services available in numerous communities. While that is still very much our goal and the heart of our work, we have greatly expanded our scope of work to include research and evaluation, primarily in the field of education. This shift occurred in 2007 when we were blessed with the opportunity to work with Stanford Research International (SRI) on a statewide research project, The Texas High School Project. This partnership continues today and spans multiple evaluation projects, and over time has fueled our specialized work in qualitative research.  Copia now conducts several research projects related to federal grants for multiple charter school networks.

Copia’s vision is both to expand and to maintain a boutique style of service delivery by ensuring that we customize our services in a manner that is agile, relevant, cutting-edge and aimed at transformational change.

The final component of Copia Consulting that we’ll elaborate on here is relationships. Because of our work across multiple social service arenas and our years of experience in those arenas, we have built and maintained expansive relationships with both individuals and organizations throughout the State of Texas. We are currently expanding our team of consultants, but are also able to recruit and form customized teams for a wide variety of projects. We are connected to multiple research firms, non-profit foundations and independent consultants, and can customize the ideal team to meet your needs.

This is Copia Consulting’s foundational strength: we know the systems, we know the stakeholders, we know the industry on both a local and national level, and we have a proven track record of success.