Copia Consulting
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Community Engagement

Copia has undertaken numerous projects with non-profit foundations designed to:

  • identify gaps in services within a community
  • develop solutions through community engagement
  • direct funding to the most critical needs in order to improve the lives of stakeholders

In our work as consultants we have come to realize the importance of our backgrounds and experience in social services related to assisting agencies and organizations through planning and development processes. There is so much that is unique about the public and private social services arena; because we do understand the language and the nuance and the practice of mental health, criminal justice, child welfare, education and other social services, we are able to move more quickly through perceived barriers toward real growth and change.

We also believe that the majority of people who build careers in social services are drawn to the work because of the passion they feel for helping others. Engaging the hearts, minds and hands of people through their passions is critical to the success of systems-change work.

This is Copia's trademark in the business of facilitation: we believe in the mission and we know what it takes to build momentum and commitment.