Copia Consulting
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Research & Evaluation

The bulk of Copia’s current work centers around research and evaluation in the field of education. We have partnered with Stanford Research International (SRI) for more than ten years, and have also served as the lead evaluator for numerous other federal and state grant evaluations.

Our expertise centers around qualitative research methodologies, including:

  • designing and analyzing focus group processes
  • organizing and conducting in-depth case studies
  • classroom observations and interviews with participants at all levels of a system

We also have extensive experience with in-depth analysis and the creation of written reports and recommendations based on findings.

Copia also works with several partners that perform both qualitative and quantitative research and analysis on several projects. Our studies include multiple federal grants, including GEAR UP, I-3, Teacher Incentive Fund, 21st Century Learning Centers, Magnet Schools Assistance Program (MSAP), Education Innovation and Research, (EIR) and many others.

Our relationships within the field of research allow us to create highly qualified research teams for almost any project.