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Our Managers

Angie Luck

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After changing her major three times in three years, Angie finally emerged from Trinity University in San Antonio with a degree in English literature. What does one do with a degree in English? Well, the first thing you do is take a job at a newly founded non-profit organization and write grants for 15 years to enable it to grow from a budget of $250,000 to $55 million. While doing that, you design and build programs for troubled youth, with an emphasis on innovation and advocacy for minority populations. You write position papers, you publish articles…you get the point.

After about 15 years of that, you’re prepared to launch your own business and learn a completely new skill set – research and evaluation. So Angie and her partner Rachel Howell hooked up with Stanford Research International, and learned a new trade, which has become the foundation of their business. Now they partner closely with a number of charter management organizations and traditional school districts to conduct impact evaluations for federal and state grants. (Learn more about Copia and our Clients) Angie is the Managing Partner, and handles the proposals, contracts, budgets and other administrative details in addition to her work with clients.

Throughout the three decades described in the two paragraphs above, Angie put her English degree to work – writing grants, reports, position papers, research articles, marketing presentations, etc. As a writer, a social justice advocate and an entrepreneur, she has collected a broad expanse of experiences that fuel not only her skill sets but her desire to change the world.  No small task, but if you have a similar mission, call her up.

Rachel Howell


Rachel managed to combine a tennis scholarship and a seat on the varsity team with her degree plan, graduating from Stephen F. Austin with both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Education. While many people would have moved into teaching, Rachel has always gone against the grain. With little interest in teaching or coaching the “typical” students, Rachel became a juvenile probation officer. Her foundational need to keep it interesting and challenging served her well, and she played several different roles that merged education, juvenile justice and child welfare, including serving as the Director of Education and V.P. for Southwest Key Programs, Inc., Director of Education for The Brown Foundation, the Community Resource Coordinator for the CRCG in Travis County and as a Consultant at the Region XIII Education Service Center.

After ten years of working with Angie Luck at Southwest Key, the two decided to launch Copia Consulting as a means of broadening their scope and exercising their entrepreneurial spirits. Rachel is very much the extrovert in Copia, and as such leads much of the facilitation work, client communications and project management. Her combination of skills and a sense of humor have ensured long-term relationships with numerous clients. And if you need connections – Rachel knows people in influential positions across the U.S., the result partially of her service on a national non-profit board for several years and also her chatty nature on planes and trains.